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Connecticut Onsite
Wastewater Recycling Association

Established in 1966 as Connecticut Sewage Disposal Association and now the Connecticut Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association, COWRA has been dedicated to supporting Connecticut and our Environment for over 45 years.
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An estimated 40% of Connecticut residents, close to 1.5 million people, live in homes served by on-site sewage systems. The vast majority of these sewage systems are conventional septic systems that are under the jurisdiction of the Local Directors of Health, and are the primary means of sewage disposal in rural and low-density suburban areas. Septic systems also serve apartment buildings, schools, restaurants, and other commercial buildings in non-urban areas. 

Why should you be member of COWRA?

Every person working in the Connecticut wastewater industry benefits form our organization, whether or not you are a member. Unlike regional and national organizations COWRA focuses on those issues that directly affect Connecticut, those working within Connecticut and the regulation that can differ among the health departments across our State.


In addition, consumers looking for an installer or cleaner may contact us by phone or through our website, for references in their areas.  There are insurance companies who provide a discount to our members on business related insurance.  Members and their employees receive a significant discount on our training classes.

Members of our Board of Directors work closely with the State of Connecticut on the Code of Advisory Committee to help formulate the new laws and codes that directly affect our industry.  Through the Code of Advisory Committee, we are able to explain to those state officials who monitor and regulate our industry, the problems we face in our work in Connecticut.  It is through this interactive work that we are able to keep our members up-to-date on changes in laws that impact our industry.   

COWRA hired lobbyist David Evans to monitor and influence those laws coming before the Connecticut Legislature.  He is continually interacting with state law makers, informing, monitoring and shaping those issues that directly influence our trade.   
Our members are a diverse group including Installers, Pumpers, Cleaners, Health Officials, Sanitarians, Engineers and Suppliers who all work together, to keep the land and water across Connecticut environmentally safe.  We work to provide a standard of integrity and excellence within our industry and to create the highest quality of work within our trade.  Connecticut can work best if everyone in our industry works together. 

It is through the support of our members that we are able to achieve these goals.

Please join us. 

From The President:  Frank Talarico 
We are now in our 54th year as an involved association, formally the Connecticut Sewage Disposal Association. 

To keep up with the rest of the nation, we have since changed our name to Connecticut Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association.  

Our members are septic installers, cleaners, professional engineers, manufacturers and suppliers.  Our objective is to keep members informed of regulations at the State and Local levels.  We work with the Connecticut State Department of Public Health (D.P.H) and the Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (D.E.E.P) to give input and experience of our members to help make better regulations, designs, manufacturing requirements. These help improve the ground water that we drink by providing better septic system installations and disposal sites, which recycle our wastes back to the earth.  This helps to cleanly replace and maintain our water supplies. 

We also have classes put on each year to inform, teach and prepare anyone who is interested in becoming a septic installer or septic cleaner.

We welcome new members to keep our organization strong and improve our trade.  For all visitors to this site, you can find members in the septic trades to help you with all your needs.


Frank Talarico 

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